A Bit About DiDee


My name is Edidiong Edet. I’m from Uruan Local Government in Akwa Ibom State.  I’m an open minded person and can be close minded to certain minut things atimes… Hahaha… Meeting and making new friends daily is a lot delightful. Adventure isn’t left out at all. I love to tour  nature parks, cities etc. Let me introduce you to what makes me smile and excited. They are; cooking, reading, dancing and writing. I love to scribble things, which led to creating a personal blog. Besides writing, I love creating and trying out new food recipes because I’m a foodie😍. Lagos real estate agent, a wigmaker, a makeup artist, a costumier for stage and screen performances. My short term Goal and Aim; An extra ordinary Event planning company with digital fittings which aim at assisting clients with their event plans, giving utmost satisfaction, adding beauty and aesthetics to their events with our branded small chops, varieties of zobo drinks, tigernut milk and fresh juice (free).  We’ll sure grace clients events with our different Sparks which is our little secret. I love what I do. Keep an eye on our site for updates. Contact me via my email, for your services.

As The Year Ends


Today marks the end of 2018. In a few hours, we’ll march into 2019 in a grand style.  I know how excited everyone is, already. We are grateful to God, who has kept us thus far. Many of us have gone through a lot this year. 2018 wasn’t Rosy for so many. Yet, it was amazing and wonderful to some. You may have fallen under this batch. Thank God. As the year ends, be reminded that people are still in the hospital, prison, psychiatric hospital etc. Some are still living under the bridge, no food, no clothing, no nothing. Yet we have hope and we still complain. Be thankful for the little or plenty you’ve seen. Give as much as you can. Nothing is too small, for real. That little help can go a long way. Don’t say,  “God forbid, I can’t give him/her this” you can never tell how far it can go. That left over food, you’ll trash tomorrow or next can feed a family. Warm it, package it well and present to them. They’ll smile forever.  I hope my little story will touch you. Every december, my mum fold up items that are not needed and we help trash them. Last december, as usual, we did the same thing. Little did we know that those items we trashed were important to people. They unpacked the big bags and took out so much. To our surprise, when mum went to issue out some Christmas items to people on the street, she stumbled on the clothes we trashed, well washed and neatly spread. Mum was shocked. She overlooked, and quietly came home very sad. Mum, how far nah? I asked, she couldn’t help but told us what she saw. I was amazed. Went inside my room, packed my old shoes, bags and clothes , prayed over them and gave out. You can do the same… I don’t trash things like that anymore except it’s totally damaged. Please if you don’t have stuff to give, you can visit and share words of encouragement with them. Do this, and see how God will turn things around for you. Happy New Year in a bit my wonderful friends.